White queen

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저번에도 말씀드렸는데요. 저는 요즘 BBC에서 하는 White Queen으로 영어 공부를 다시 하기 위해 노력합니다. 

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지금까지 3화가 나왔는데요. 3화 포스팅은 나중으로 미루기로 하고,^^

오늘 드라마를 Iplayer를 통해 시청하던중, 이 드라마의 시대적 배경이 궁금하더군요.


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자연스럽게 오늘의 공부는 리딩입니다. 다음은 BBC 기사의 원문을 봘췌한 내용입니다.

드라마 보시는 분들에게는 흥미가 배가 되는 내용일 거라고 생각 합니다.

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쳅터마다 단어를 적어 놓았는데요. 일단 단어에 의존하지 마시고 스킵하듯이 읽어 보시길 추천드립니다.

(단어의 뜻은 잘 안보이는 색으로 적어 놓았어요)


Elizabeth Woodville, "The White Queen" has been portrayed in novels and legends as a romantic figure. In reality, her 15th Century life was far from a fairy-tale. She may have married for love but as England's Queen she faced danger and betrayal.

As the new 10-part drama series "The White Queen" continues on BBC One, historian Amy Licence delves behind the myth to find the real Elizabeth Woodville.

Elizabeth Woodville was born around 1437 at Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire. Her mother had been married to a son of Henry IV but after he died, the wealthy widow controversially became the wife of her social inferior, the knight Richard Woodville. Elizabeth was the eldest of their 14 children. She married, aged about 15, and soon after the country erupted in civil war. Known as the "Wars of the Roses" or "Cousins' War," this pitched the "red" Lancastrians against the "white" Yorkists in a struggle for the throne.


widow 미망인/controversially 논쟁적으로/inferior 하위 (하위 계급이란 의미인듯)/erupted 교전이 시작하다는 의미에서 /

pitched 내던져지다 

Elizabeth's first husband, the Lancastrian Sir John Grey, was killed at the Battle of St Albans. Now his enemy Edward IV sat on the throne. Early in 1464, Elizabeth appealed to him for help after her husband's lands were confiscated as an enemy of the "white" regime. Legend has it that Elizabeth entranced Edward with her beauty, after lying in wait for him beneath an oak tree in Whittlebury Forest. In reality, the meeting may have been more mundane; they had probably met before, as the Woodvilles had been prominent at court under the Lancastrian Henry VI.

Her beauty, described by historian Thomas Penn as "cold" and "lynx-eyed," drew the Yorkist king's attention. The 16th Century writer Thomas More, wrote that he was "enamoured" of her and described "much wooing and many great promises." Yet Elizabeth was not content to become just another royal conquest. Out of piety or ambition, she refused to become Edward's mistress, but his passion for her spurred him to make a surprising proposal of marriage.


confiscate 몰수하다/regime 정권/beneath 밑에/mundane 재미없는. 일상적인/prominent 중요한/enamoured 매료당한

For Elizabeth, the offer of a crown was irresistible. It meant her two young sons, parents and siblings would be well provided for. Hers was a whirlwind courtship but she would have been a fool not to accept what Edward could offer. The marriage was conducted in secret, as the last union of a King with a commoner had taken place in 1066. Edward knew it would prove unpopular because he would be expected to marry a foreign princess and secure alliances for the Yorkist regime. The ceremony was conducted in the late spring of 1464, at Elizabeth's parental home. A "red" Lancastrian by birth she was now part of the "white" Yorkist family and England's Queen, yet Edward delayed announcing the marriage for five months.

When the alliance was finally made public, that September, Edward's family and most of England's nobility were outraged by his choice. According to Thomas More, the Queen Mother was "sore moved" by the news and chided her son for marrying "out of his realm." While none could deny the bride's personal charms or piety, her large family was widely disliked for its ambition. Parliament did not hold back, telling the King that the 27-year-old Lancastrian widow was "no match" for him. Yet Edward stood firm and Elizabeth's formal presentation to Parliament was marked by respectful ceremony.

Elizabeth would go on to bear Edward 10 children. Their eldest son and heir arrived in dramatic circumstances, amid fresh outbreaks of civil war. She was eight months pregnant when the King was forced into exile abroad, following a Lancastrian coup to return Henry VI to the throne in 1470. In the middle of the night, Elizabeth fled to sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. Far from her accustomed luxury at court, she gave birth in poverty and uncertainty. Her son was born safely and named after his father.

Fortunately, Edward returned at the head of an avenging army in 1471 and the next 12 years were comparatively peaceful. The marriage was a happy one, although the Queen had to turn a blind eye to her husband's affairs and Edward's most famous mistress, Jane Shore, was present on many court occasions.


irresistible 거부할 수 없는/siblings 형제,자매/whirlwind courtship 불 같은 연예/commoner 평민/nobility 귀족/outrage 분노하다.

Chide someone for something 꾸짖다/parliament 국회/go on to 이어서 하다/amid 중간에/exile 추방/coup 쿠테타/

sanctuary 보호구역/far from 오히려 ~반대인/accustomed 익숙한/avenging 복수의 /turn a blind eye to 못 본체하다

When Edward died in 1483, Elizabeth's world changed completely. Her twelve-year-old son was declared king Edward V, while his uncle Richard was appointed Protector. However, rumours surfaced that Elizabeth's husband had made a previous betrothal which would have invalidated her marriage and made her children illegitimate. Richard took the throne and shut his nephew Edward and his younger brother in the Tower of London. They were never seen again and historians today still disagree about their fates.

Elizabeth and her daughters returned to their Westminster sanctuary. Forced to accept the situation, the dowager Queen had little choice but to hope for better days, until an old Lancastrian ally, Margaret Beaufort, proposed a marriage between her own son, the exiled Henry Tudor and Elizabeth's eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York. Following the disappearance of her brothers, Elizabeth of York could claim to be the legitimate heir. She became Tudor's wife and the first Queen of that dynasty after Henry had defeated her uncle Richard III at Bosworth Field in 1485.

Soon after this, the "White Queen" retired from public life to make way for the reign of her daughter, the "White Princess". She embraced a life of quiet contemplation in Bermondsey Abbey, dying in 1492.


betrothal 약혼/invalidated 무효화 되다. /illegitimate 사생아/dowager 미망인 /legitimate 적법한/reign 통치


이런 배경지식을 가지고 이 드라마를 본다면, 조금더 잘 들릴꺼 같네요. ^^.

이 외에 본인이 관심있는 분야를, 하루에 BBC 기사 하나를 꾸준히 보는 것은 어떨까요?

제 글이 도움이 되셨다면 아래의 버튼을 꾹!


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